The Illustrated Guide to Zero Waste - The Kitchen


Bring Zero Waste into your home with our first beautiful guide from our new series

'The Illustrated Guide To Zero Waste'!


  1. This illustrated booklet is a clear and handy guide to encourage you to live a more environmentally-friendly, Zero Waste lifestyle.
  2. This guide contains many tips, recipes, tutorials and more, all clearly illustrated!
  3. This illustration booklet is a simple and easy-to-use reference guide that encourages a greener, “zero waste” lifestyle.

Our goal is to bring into your home quick, easy, efficient solutions towards zero waste with a snap of your fingers. 

We hope that this brochure will provide families with quick, easy and efficient solutions to help you achieve a zero-waste lifestyle.


What to expect?

18 pages packed with :

  • A lot of tips
  • 52 illustrations
  • 4 tutorials
  • 2 recipes

... and a lifetime of good use ;-)


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ISBN Number: 9789463960731


Who is Zero Waste Shanghai?

Zero Waste Shanghai is a unique environmental social start-up

The company acts as a bridge between companies and sustainability and support you to achieve your sustainability goals through recognized rating systems of your clients and stakeholders. To know more find us on or scan the QR code.

The Illustrated Guide to Zero Waste - The Kitchen

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